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nooneskindgroup's Journal

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No One's Kind
Genre: Rock (Melodic Heavy Rock)
Hometown: Wakefield, Massachusetts
Since the first hammer of a bass, cry of an electric guitar, or pound of a drum, No One’s Kind has fought to bring into this world a kind of expression that would make a difference. Beginning simply as a basement act out of Wakefield, Massachusetts, the members matured alongside their music. Knowing that urge, and embracing what they knew, the band formed under their name, and began to give birth to their unique style of mind numbing rock. Originally drawing from some of their stronger influences such as – Finger 11, Sevendust, and Deftones, the band began to draw local attention during the fall of 1999. No One’s Kind slowly crept their way up to the title of "Best Local Band in Boston of 2003" as printed by the Boston Phoenix.